Membership FAQs

The following are Frequently Asked Questions regarding PRIMA membership. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact contact PRIMA's membership department via email or phone at 703.253.1270.

What benefits will I receive with my PRIMA membership?
Click here to read about the benefits of membership.

What are the membership categories and the cost to join the association?

Click here for membership categories and dues structure.

Does PRIMA refund membership dues?
Unfortunately, PRIMA does not offer any refunds for membership dues or membership renewals. For more information on PRIMA’s membership structure and the costs of membership categories, click here.

When will I be notified of my membership expiration?
You will receive your renewal notice three months prior to expiration.

How do I update my information?
Call 703.253.1270 or mail the information to:

Attn: Membership
700 S. Washington St., Suite 218
Alexandria, VA 22314

What is my membership number? Where do I find it?
On the front of your membership card. If you have lost or misplaced your card, please call 703.253.1270.

I want to know how to get in touch with another PRIMA member. How do I go about getting in touch with him/her?
Search the online membership directory here.  You will need your membership number to log in. You will receive your renewal notice three months prior to expiration.

Where do I send my membership dues payment?
Send your dues payment to:

700 S. Washington St., Suite 218
Alexandria, VA 22314

Who should I make my check out to?
PRIMA or Public Risk Management Association

How does a public entity change its designated (voting) representative?
Please call 703.253.1270 to update your membership record.

Can I pay by credit card over the telephone?

Yes, payments are accepted via phone. To make a payment you may:

  • Call PRIMA’s membership department at 703.253.1270
  • Fax your completed renewal or application form to 703.739.0200 or
  • Mail to: Public Risk Management Association 700 S. Washington Street, Suite 218 Alexandria, VA 22314

We have a membership number but don't know if it's for an individual or entity. 

PRIMA memberships are entity-based.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of when I joined PRIMA, or does it coincide with the calendar year?

 PRIMA membership renews on the anniversary date.

How soon after I join PRIMA will I receive information such as my membership card, magazine or e-mails?
You will receive your membership card within 7-10 business days. Your magazine will be mailed in the upcoming month and you will receive emails immediately.

If I join PRIMA, does that mean I have also joined my state PRIMA chapter?

No, you must contact your state chapter to join at the local level.