Posted on: 1/10/2010

PRIMA Launches New, Improved Job Bank!

Are you searching for new employees?
Looking for a new position for yourself?
Not finding what you’re looking for?

The possibilities to find qualified employees and top-notch jobs just became endless…

PRIMA Launches New Job Bank

PRIMA has partnered with JobTarget, an industry leader in job board development and management to bring you an all-inclusive job search and recruiting center.

With PRIMA’s NEW online Job Bank, you’ll have opportunities to fill your open positions that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else AND you’ll find jobs that are specific to YOU, a professional in the risk management industry.

PRIMA's new Job Bank at www.primacentral.org offers:



Post your resume anonymously!
All of your information is displayed in your resume EXCEPT for your name and contact information. You can divulge as much or as little in your resume posting as you see fit. This service has the ability to keep active and passive job seekers connect to the employment market while maintaining full control over their confidential information.

Personal job alerts!
You can set up job alerts! When a job is posted that meets the criteria that you have selected, you’ll get an e-mail notifying you that that job was posted! This means that you will never miss an opportunity, and you won’t have to filter through the Job Bank!

Save searches, store jobs, keep notes, communicate with employers through an internal messaging system, and more!


Great candidates!
Your opportunity will reach a large number of highly qualified passive and active job seekers!

Job broadcasting!
When you post your job to the Web site, we’ll send out e-mail alerts to all job seekers that asked to be notified about that type of job!

The opportunity to display your company’s profile!
Create a free company profile so that job seekers can learn about your whole company!

Pay-per-use resume bank!
Don’t pay a cent until the candidate shows interest in you using our anonymous resume bank!

 Visit PRIMA's new Job Bank at www.primacentral.org and get started on the path to career success!

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