Social Media Policy


The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) may use social media sites and platforms to enhance and build relationships with members, prospective members, corporations, affiliated associations and other stakeholders. PRIMA stakeholders have the ability to facilitate discussions and communicate information about education, events, current events and other public risk management-related issues through various media channels.

Policy & Guidelines

PRIMA respects the rights of its stakeholders to interact and communicate about industry- and association-related matters using social networking sites. In order to protect PRIMA from the posting of comments and information that may harm its reputation or its employees’ reputations, PRIMA has developed this policy and following guidelines. For the purpose of this policy, social media sites refer to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, “engaging in social media” and “electronic dialogue” refer to posting, uploading or sharing content on these sites.

Users are expected to refrain from engaging in any social media communication that may disparage or harm the image or reputation of PRIMA and/or any of its employees. Additionally, users may not engage in any conduct prohibited by the association as outlined in PRIMA’s Code of Ethics. Users assume any and all risks associated with engaging in social media.

User Guidelines
All association stakeholders engaging in online electronic dialogue on one of PRIMA’s social media sites is required to comply with the following guidelines.

  • Be clear and unambiguous.
  • Before posting pictures to social media sites, get permission to post pictures of members and the staff from the member or staff that was photographed.
  • Users agree to adhere to the following
    • To not post any defamatory, libelous, threatening, vulgar, sexually explicit, abusive, profane, rude, obscene or anonymous content
    • To not take any action which would disrupt or interfere with the normal use of the social media site or platform
    • To not impersonate any other person
    • To abide by any special rules and regulations of any specific networking site where they are posted.
  • PRIMA reserves the right to monitor social media sites and platforms.
  • PRIMA reserves the right to restrict or remove any content or user that is deemed in violation of this policy or any applicable law.