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In addition to informative presentations from knowledgeable risk management professionals, PRIMA webinars include handouts, participant polls and 30 minutes of live Q&A. Take advantage of the opportunity for virtual learning whether you are alone or in the company of your colleagues! Be sure to clear your calendar and click on the Webinar titles to register!

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The Power of Partnerships in a Continuously Connected World

December 14, 2022
In this session, Kelvin will discuss resources and human-centric focus on best practices for implementing public and private sector partnerships to mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

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State of the Cyber Insurance Market

January 18, 2023
The cyber insurance has been in the midst of a hard market for two renewal cycles – pricing and coverage continuing to move in sine waves.

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Beyond Employee Resilience: A Focus on Mental Wellness in the Workplace

February 15, 2023
Employee mental wellness is so much more complicated than simply focusing on resilience training. The buzz about resilience in the workplace puts the onus of responsibility on the individual employees.

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Building Safety Cultures that Work: Engaging Employees in Safety Reporting

March 15, 2023
This session focuses on the establishment of trust between managers, risk and safety staff and employees to encourage not only reporting accidents and near misses but to report processing issues, equipment deficiencies or policies that may lead to a greater potential for harm than the policy intended.

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After Action Reports: What They Are and Why They Are So Important

April 19, 2023
After Action Reports (AAR) are defined as “a detailed critical summary or analysis of a past event, created to re-assess decisions and consider possible alternatives for future scenarios.” AAR’s are critical learning tools and should be must-reads for stakeholders.

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Why Comment? You’ve Already Made Up Your Mind: Effective Collaboration and Public Participation

May 17, 2023
“Why should I comment? You’ve already made up your mind.” Combat this phrase by closing the public feedback loop before your next engagement.

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Life Plan: A Strategy for Achieving and Maintaining Life Balance

June 28, 2023
Stress, employee conflict, poor performance, absenteeism and turnover… if your organization has any of those problems, the presentation will help you resolve them.

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Award-Winning Ideas and Lessons from PRMYs

July 19, 2023
This panel of PRIMA’s Risk Managers of the Year will help every level of risk professional.

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Active Assailant: How to Avoid Missteps in the Aftermath of an Event

August 23, 2023
Every door is locked, you have panic buttons, time lock safes, employee key cards, surveillance and perhaps even on-site security.

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