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October/November/December Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about From the Brink of Extinction to Nuisance: How to Deal with Canada Geese Issues; Transforming Local Government Safety: Strategies for Fatal Risk Reduction; and Proactively Managing Risk in Adversity as Governance Undergoes Change.

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July/August/September Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Sean Catanese: Champion of Risk Management Awarded Public Risk Manager of the Year; A Risk Management Challenge: Imagining the Unimaginable; Maintaining Reliable Deliveries in Uncharted Waters: Equipment Breakdown; Ethical Responses to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct — Are you Prepared?; and Infectious Disease Prevention and Protection at the Workplace: How COVID-19 is Shaping Programs Going Forward.

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April/May/June Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Laurie Olson, PRIMA’s New President; Can We Prevent the Next Critical Incident?; Improve Your Risk Profile to Become a More Favorable Risk; and Building Trust to Build Your Team.

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January/February/March Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Navigating the “New Normal” in Workers Comp: Rethinking Work and Automation; Get to Know David Parker, Recipient of the 2023 PRIMA Pioneer Excellence Award; Virginia Supreme Court Reverses Judgment Against Police Officer: Affirming His Defense of Another as a Matter of Law; and Strain at a Gnat, Swallow a Camel While “Saving” Money With Your Worker’s Comp Claims.

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November/December Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Five (and For Most of You, Six) No-Cost Ways to Help Reduce Vehicle Claims and Losses; First Amendment Wheel Doesn’t Stop Spinning: What Risk Managers Need to Know for Dealing with Schools; and The Impact of Resilience on Recovery from Injury or Illness.

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September/October Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Thinking Differently: New Approaches for Treating First Responder Injury and Trauma; Policing Our Schools: The Public Risk Management Challenge; and Best of the Blog: Popular PRIMA blog posts you may have missed.

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July/August Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Allie Matthews, PRIMA’s 2022 Public Risk Manager 
of the Year; Protecting School Students, Staff and Insurance Budgets Against Today’s Leading Risks; and Understanding what Medical Bills the Jury Sees: A Primer on Florida Law for Risk Managers.

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May/June Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about The Impactful Return of PRIMA’s Annual Conference; Re-Introducing PRIMA’s New President, Scott Kramer, MBA, ARM; Preparedness Critical to Disaster Recovery: Long-Term Response Often Overlooked in Planning Process; and It’s All Your Fault… Or Is It?: Public Entity Documentation Supports “No Notice” Claims Defense.

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January/February Issue of Public Risk

In this issue, read about Critical Incident Stress Management for First Responders, The IMO Success Story: Thirty Years of Healthcare Excellence, and The Power of Perception: Implementing Risk Perception Surveys as Part of Your ERM Program.

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