History of PRIMA

For four decades, the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) has been the one-stop resource for education and training, risk resources and networking opportunities for public sector risk managers.

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, PRIMA is the largest risk management association dedicated solely to the practice of risk management in the public sector. PRIMA’s membership is made up of more than 1,400 entities.

In 2013, PRIMA took over the operations of the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI). As part of its partnership with PRIMA, PERI has funded a number of innovative programs to benefit the public risk management community. PERI is overseen by an independent board of directors made up of public sector risk professionals.

Strategic Plan

PRIMA’s strategic plan provides a roadmap for the future of the Association and the profession.


To advance the knowledge and practice of public risk management.


PRIMA recognized as a leader in public risk management.

2023 - 2024 Strategic Plan

PRIMA’s Board of Directors develops the annual strategic plan, which indicates how PRIMA will organize, focus and expend its resources to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its goals. These are reviewed at each meeting of PRIMA’s Board of Directors, as well as annually.

The 2023-2024 strategic plan identifies five core goals for ensuring PRIMA’s future.


Goal A: Be the primary resource for public risk management educational programs, products and services.


  • Identify educational programs, products and services that members and non-members will value and utilize.
  • Be a leader in providing enterprise risk management/ISO 31000 educational programs.
  • Continuously adapt to the changing dynamics of public risk management needs.


  • Continuously adapt marketing/communications plans to reach member and non-member public entities.
  • Develop opportunities and approaches to incorporate public sector risk management into external educational programs and outside organizations.
  • Identify and develop opportunities to educate public sector officials and administrators about the value of risk management.
  • Provide resources for risk managers to enhance their leadership role within their entities so that risk management is valued as a leadership function in the public sector.


  • Identify and cultivate relationships with stakeholders critical to the continued success of PRIMA.
  • Develop and implement an approach to engage and sustain stakeholders in PRIMA.
  • Measure and improve stakeholder satisfaction and build sustainable alliances.


  • Effectively utilize technology to deliver innovative public risk management products and services.
  • Diversify the association’s revenue streams to reduce reliance on the annual conference and membership dues.
  • Develop and implement new approaches for ensuring membership retention and growth.


  • Periodically conduct Public Risk Management Needs Studies and other methods to identify unmet needs.
  • Develop programs to meet unmet needs.

Core Competencies

PRIMA's Core Competencies were developed in 2004 as a roadmap for the public risk profession.

Launched in 2004, PRIMA's Core Competencies serve as a roadmap for the public risk profession by establishing the essential knowledge, skills and abilities that constitute effective public risk management practice. As times change, so do PRIMA’s Core Competencies to reflect these changes and provide proper guidance.

Also, these Core Competencies serve as a guide for the development of educational programming within PRIMA and are referred to throughout our education, resources and training events.

For additional information, contact PRIMA’s Education and Training team at education@primacentral.org

Core Competencies

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