Awards & Recognition

Each year, PRIMA honors individuals and public entities that have excelled in their profession.

2022 PRIMA Awards

The 2022 awards application season will be announced soon! Are you the next Public Risk Manager of the Year? Has your entity created a product or program that's noteworthy? Have you launched a successful enterprise risk management program? Apply today!


2021 Award Winners

Meet the PRIMA members who have created a new program or product or displayed an overall commitment to the field of public sector risk management.

Public Risk Manager of the Year

Megan A. Zanesky

Risk Manager Town of Greenwich

This is the most prestigious award a PRIMA member can receive!

The Public Risk Manager of the Year Award is the grand master of risk management— the one with the ability to handle losses, foresee risks and prevent dangerous endgames.

Outstanding Achievement for a Public Risk Management Program

PRISM Enterprise Risk Consultants Program

Rick Brush Folsom, CA

Recognizes risk management programs that are notably innovative, successful and/or well-received.

Outstanding Achievement for a Public Risk Management Product - Honorable mention:

Colorado Firefighters

Ann Terry Denver, CO

Recognizes risk management products that are particularly timely, innovative and effective for risk managers.

Outstanding Achievement for an Intergovernmental Risk Pool Program or Product

S.E.C.U.R.E Framework & Digital Tools for Managing COVID-19 in a Public Institution

Janson Yap Singapore

Recognizes products and programs developed by intergovernmental risk pools that are notably innovative, timely and/or well-received.

Chapter Recognition Award


Jason Hardy, Chapter President

Honors a PRIMA chapter's newsletter, program, website, networking opportunities or any chapter activity deemed most worthy of recognition by a panel of judges.

Only one PRIMA chapter will be honored!

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Award

Yap Ren Chao

ERM Policy & ERM Framework University of Singapore-National Singapore

Recognize our long-term members who have made outstanding contributions to PRIMA and the public risk management industry.