Why Join PRIMA?

If you work in the public sector—state government, local community, special district, intergovernmental pool or a municipality—and risk management is part of your daily routine, then YOU should join PRIMA!

PRIMA members enjoy a wealth of benefits including peer-to-peer networking, cutting-edge educational courses and award-winning publications.

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Save Money!

PRIMA members save an average of $2,344 per individual per government entity by gaining access to member-only resources such as the PRIMA Cybrary, PRIMA’s online community, PRIMAtalk, as well as financial discounts to PRIMA conferences, workshops, webinars and tutorials, and much more. PRIMA is the most comprehensive career investment you can make for yourself and for your entity! Click here to see how much you are saving your entity by becoming a PRIMA member.

PRIMA members also receive the following:

Your PRIMA membership lets you interact with other risk management practitioners at PRIMA conferences and seminars, giving you great opportunities to make strong connections with other professionals within your field. Connecting with your risk management peers enables you to share ideas, exchange information and ask questions. You can also share ideas, exchange information and keep in touch with your peers via PRIMAtalk, PRIMA’s members-only listserv that puts more than 3,000 industry specialists at your disposal. PRIMA’s local chapters are also a great way to meet risk managers in your area.

Professional Development
PRIMA keeps you up-to-date with numerous invaluable educational resources and opportunities. Whether through PRIMA’s RiskWatch e-newsletter, seminars, the complete ARM series and RMPE online tutorials, FREE Webinar series, podcasts and blogs, PRIMA makes sure that you are getting the most up-to-date information about what is going in the ever-changing risk management industry.

Core Competencies Curriculum Development
Through establishing core competencies, you can be assured that PRIMA has a focused and motivated agenda that will continue to keep you educated and informed for years to come.

PRIMA’s Annual Conference
With more than 55 educational sessions addressing areas such as employee benefits/human resources, enterprise risk management, legal and regulatory, management and administration, pools, risk control, risk management, safety and loss control and school risk management, you will be sure leave the PRIMA Annual Conference with at least a handful of ideas that will embellish your risk management program.

PRIMA also offers an Annual Conference Scholarship Fund, which allows government entities the opportunity to attend PRIMA's Annual Conference through generous donations from its sponsors.

PRIMA Institute
PRIMA Institute is an educational program designed to bring new risk managers up-to-speed and to refresh seasoned risk managers with the foundations in public sector risk management. Its small classroom setting, industry-leading content providers and networking opportunities will ensure that you will return to work with knowledge of the umbrella that makes up public sector risk management as well as with a close network of public risk managers.

PRIMA Cybrary
The PRIMA Cybrary, our online library puts thousands of risk management-related documents at your fingertips 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. This premier risk management resource contains documents such as RFPs, policy and procedure guides, annual reports and disaster plans, plus much more.”

Resource Information Services
PRIMA members get an all-access pass to the PRIMA Web site that contains numerous resources such as a risk manager’s briefing and tool kit, and PRIMA’s Online Buyers' Guide

PRIMA members also get access to links about disaster planning, government, insurance industry organizations, insurance industry periodicals, public entity and scholastic resources, international risk management organizations, PRIMA/PERI Cost of Risk Survey and disaster recovery yellow pages.

PRIMA’s Awards & Recognition Program
PRIMA members can participate in an annual Awards Program that earns them recognition for their successfully implemented risk management programs. Voting members can earn recognition as the Public Risk Manager of the year or in program, product and pool categories as well as chapter and Public Risk magazine categories.

Students enrolled in risk management, public policy, public administration, economics, business administration and other related degree programs are eligible to apply for a PRIMA Annual Conference Student Scholarship.

Public Risk Magazine
Public Risk, PRIMA’s 10-time-per-year magazine, is the flagship publication of the association. This publication and its archives provide risk managers with timely, focused information in an easy-to-read format. Public Risk features articles from risk management practitioners as well as industry professionals. Articles range from current trends, risk management procedures and guidelines, legislation changes, spotlights and more that will engage your office while keeping them informed!”

PRIMA Online Community
An information service and networking tool! The PRIMA Community is PRIMA's member-only listserv and puts more than 3,000 industry specialists at the fingertips of PRIMA members. PRIMAtalk is the easiest way to get an answer to any question as well as exchange ideas and information. This forum gives members quick feedback on issues that are important to them and relevant to their work

PRIMA's Job Bank
PRIMA’s Job Bank offers features to job seekers and employers! Job seekers can anonymously post their resumes and receive personal job alerts. Job seekers can also save searches, store jobs, keep notes, communicate with employers through an internal messaging system and more. Employers have access to a pool of qualified job candidates and can display their company’s profile.