Join the ISO 31000 Faculty

Individuals can join the ISO 31000 Faculty by going through a three-step training process. Trainers carry the tremendous responsibility of teaching public risk management and higher education professionals how to implement enterprise risk management (ERM) using ISO 31000 in their entities. Trainer applicants should be entirely comfortable in a leadership role and have experience in both ERM and the strategic risk management process. The three-step faculty training process is outlined below. All applicants must get approval from their entity.

The previous application window has closed and training process concluded. For more information on future application windows and faculty training, please contact Shaunda Ragland, PRIMA’s director of education and training, at 703.253.1261 or sragland@primacentral.org.

Stage 1: Written Application

The first step to becoming a PRIMA ISO 31000 trainer is a written application, which helps PRIMA assess your public risk management or higher education knowledge and experience and determines your qualifications for becoming a trainer.

Criteria for Selection

Applicants must complete the PRIMA ISO 31000 Trainer Application and submit it to PRIMA along with the supporting documents.  Applicants’ education, risk management experience, public sector experience and training experience are jointly weighed using a rubric.

The top-scoring applicants will be invited to participate in Stage 2 of the application process. Applicants who are not selected will be asked and encouraged to apply again at a later date.

Stage 2: Training Workshop

PRIMA will invite qualified applicants to participate in a three-day pilot training.  The course will involve introductory exercises and instruction on how to assess, design and implement ERM based on ISO 31000. The training will focus on the training curriculum. Pilot training participants will also be solicited for feedback on the curriculum.

Stage 3: Trainer Evaluation & Commitment

Trainees who demonstrate public risk management knowledge and who possess the qualifications to train other risk management professionals will be asked to commit to become a PRIMA trainer.  Trainees will be evaluated by the pilot training instructors, volunteer participants and PRIMA staff. They will be evaluated on the following presentation elements:

  • Applied experience
  • Facilitation skills
  • Participant engagement
  • Presentation style
  • References to ISO 31000 suite in responding to questions
  • Use of course resources

The final selected trainers will be asked to commit to teaching at least one workshop over a period of two years.


Stage 4: Final Training Workshop

Committed trainers will participate in a final one-day training workshop in Alexandria, VA. Trainers will be evaluated and provided with feedback. Trainers will also be provided with a training manual, a workshop manual, preparation criteria and other relevant resource material.

Stage 5: Scheduling and Planning of PRIMA ERM Implementation Training

During this stage, PRIMA will work with the trainers to organize future training workshop logistics, including meeting space, travel and registration.