ARM Online Tutorials

PRIMA and PERI stakeholders now have access to free ARM, ERM and RMPE online tutorial courses via ARMStudyGroup.com. The Study Group is led and facilitated by Erike Young, Google’s global safety manager.

PRIMA and PERI stakeholders can register for ARM 54, ARM 55, ARM 56, ERM 57 and/or the RMPE 352 courses for free when they enter PERI in the discount code field.


ARM 54—Risk Management Principles and Practices

On-demand course that covers risk management standards and guidelines; hazard, operational, financial, and strategic risk; risk identification, analysis and treatment; financial statement risk analysis; capital investment. Click here to register for the ARM 54 course.


ARM 55—Risk Assessment and Treatment

On-demand course that covers risk assessment and treatment; root cause analysis; business continuity management; intellectual property, reputation, legal, and regulatory risk; management liability; environmental, Crime, cyber and fleet risk. Click here to register for the ARM 55 course.


ARM 56—Risk Financing

On-demand course that covers risk financing; estimating and transferring hazard risk; self-insurance plans; retrospective rating plans; reinsurance; captive insurance; contractual risk transfer; transferring financial and hazard risk. Click here to register for the ARM 56 course.


ERM 57 – Enterprise Risk Management

On-demand course that covers enterprise risk management; framework, risk oversight, strategic planning; risk-based performance and process management, internal audit control, regulation and compliance, risk assessment and treatment, risk modeling, capital allocation, environment and culture. Click here to register for the ERM 57 course.


RMPE 352– Risk Management for Public Entities

On-demand course that covers public sector risk management administration, exposure identification, liability, risk control, claim and litigation management, risk financing sources, pool, programs and disaster planning/emergency response. Click here to register for the RMPE 352 course.


For additional information, contact PRIMA’s Education and Training team at education@primacentral.org.