In-House ERM Training

PRIMA is pleased to offer an In-House ERM training program. Bring PRIMA's ERM training program to your organization!

PRIMA’s In-House ERM training is ideal for organizations looking to provide professional development for multiple staff without the cost, travel requirements or schedule demands of out-of-town programs. 

PRIMA’s ERM training is excellent for organizations:

  • Seeking to implement an integrated risk management approach
  • Committed to identifying and seeking opportunities
  • Looking to manage risk proactively
  • Seeking to train individual and departmental risk owners

The Trainers

PRIMA will work with you to match the most qualified trainers to the specific needs of  your organization. PRIMA’s 31000 faculty members are risk professionals who represent some of the most successful risk management and consulting programs in the United States. They have been through extensive risk management and adult education training.

In-House Training Benefits

PRIMA’s ERM training can benefit both individuals and your organization as a whole. With in-house training, your organization can:

  • Jumpstart its risk management program
  • Save money and time
  • Develop your workforce
  • Build morale
  • Maximize your team’s learning experience                            

For more information on in-house training, pricing models and required resources, contact Shaunda Ragland, PRIMA’s director of education and training, at 703.253.1261 or sragland@primacentral.org