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2019 Podcast Series

What to Know About V2V and V2I Technologies

Acquisition Cost Index Pricing for Medications

Cyberbullying Prevention

What to Know When Establishing an On-Site Health Center

Sober Living Homes

Key Considerations in High Profile Critical Incidents

Cross-Generational Workforces

Disaster Recovery in Workers' Compensation

Developing Your ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan 

Service Animals in the Workplace

eSharing Mobility

Is Self-Funding Right for Your Organization

Liability for Police Encounters

Developing Excellence in Cybersecurity Management

Overcoming the Dangers of Distracted Driving

2019 Student Scholar Reflection

PRIMA Institute 2019


2018 Podcast Series:

Using Data to Mitigate Risks in Schools

Next Level Claims Strategies

Millennials in the Insurance Industry

How Disruptive Technology Can Change Claims Management

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance and Risk Protection

Creating an Atmosphere of Accountability

Talent Risk: The Missing ERM Link 

Managing Comorbid Conditions

Chronic Pain in an Aging Workforce

2018 PRIMA Institute 

Web-Based Safety/HR Training

Incorporating Microlearning into Your Risk Management Strategy

Identifying and Managing the Risks of Borrowed Employees

Medicare Secondary Payer Best Practices

Behavior Based Fleet Safety and Risk Management

Election Security

Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Drug Formularies: A Growing Trend in Workers' Compensation


2017 Podcast Series:

Managing Risk in Workers' Comp: The Value of Predictive Analytics

Diabetes: Avoiding & Managing the Adverse Impact on Claimant Recovery

The Debate Continues: Medical Marijuana in Workers' Compensation

The Transformation of Workers' Comp Transportation

Budgeting Your Time for Maximum Productivity

Managing Career Arrest Related Death Risks

Resiliency as a Risk Management Priority

Save Your Employees: Putting an End to Driver Distractions

Attend the 2017 PRIMA Institute

Cybersecurity: Trends & Threats

The Sphere of Influence in Claim Settlement

Injury Exaggeration Among Public Entity Employees

Fundamentals of Strategic Physical Security Planning

Applying Ethical & Sustainable Design to Public Risk Management

The Keys to Managing Water Loss

Leveraging the School-Police Partnership

Workers' Compensation Fraud Trends

Managing Liabilities Created by Third Parties

The Ins and Outs of Wrongful Prosecution Lawsuits

School Laboratory Safety


2016 Podcast Series:

How to Implement a Successful Enterprise Risk Management Program 

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Prevention

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Organizations

Managing the Risks of the Zika Virus

Infrastructure Risk Management

Use of Electrical Weapons in Law Enforcement

Learn to Lead at PRIMA Institute 2016

The Flint Water Crisis: Risk Communication

What You Need to Know About the Zika Virus

Strengthen Your Fleet Risk Management Program

Water Quality Risk Assessment and Management

Integrity: Skill Not Will

Things to Consider When Creating an Accident Review Panel

Bridge the Gap: Working with and Recruiting Different Generations in the Workplace

Managing Your Medical Providers for Workers' Compensation

Why Zero Injuries is Not Your Goal

Culture Risks

Five Ways to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Useful Metrics for Claims Management