Risk Management Response to COVID-19

April 9 | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST

PRIMA Talk Goes Live!

The Risk Management Response to COVID-19

Access the Webinar Recording, PPT, and Handout

Matt Hansen, Director of Risk Management, City and County of San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Hills, CRM, ARM-P, Director, Office of Risk Management Services, King County, WA

Marilyn L. Rivers, CPCU, ARM, AIC, Director of Risk and Safety, Safety & Compliance Officer, City of Saratoga Springs, NY


Matt Hansen 

Matt Hansen, Director of the Risk Management Division for the City and County of San Francisco, will discuss the planning and infrastructure in place to respond to COVID-19 in San Francisco.  Further, information will be shared regarding the local, regional and state coordination. Attendees will learn response efforts to assist employees (emergency responders, healthcare, DSWs, those telecommuting etc) residents, families without access to daycare, small and local businesses (including essential services who are still in operation including public infrastructure construction).

Jennifer Hills 

King County, Washington was the American epicenter of the novel coronavirus. Jennifer Hills, Director of Risk Management for King County, will share details about the county’s response: establishing facilities for quarantine and isolation, supporting vulnerable populations, and how early and strict containment measures slowed the spread of COVID-19.

Marilyn Rivers 

New York has been one of the first epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic as NYC stands as a portal to international travel and diversity. The Governor has been on the front line of assisting in preparing and ordering for the pandemic surge by proactively partnering with the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. Here's what we did right and the opportunities for improving the future holds for us as a generation and a community.

Key Points:

  • Description of pre-existing policies/procedures that have been instrumental in the entity’s ability to manage this crisis
  • Details regarding the entity’s response to the crisis, such as:
    • Cooperative agreements with other entities
    • Public/private partnerships
    • Communication methods/messaging
    • Specific strategies being used to flatten the curve
    • Ways to mitigate the (negative) financial impact on the community
    • Steps taken to protect essential employees who are required to work
  • Implications for future policy/procedure changes and the creation of new policies/procedures

Access the Webinar Recording, PPT, and Handout!


Matt Hansen serves as the director of the risk management division for the City and County of San Francisco. Additionally, Matt served on the US Technical Advisory Group for ISO 31000, as well as a director on the Boards of the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) and the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI). Prior to joining City and County of San Francisco, Matt has held both public and private sector posts leading the Risk Management operations of school districts (including San Francisco Unified and San Diego Unified), technology & consulting firms, and performing catastrophe response and team management for insurers. Matt holds a master's degree in public administration.




Jennifer Hills has been the Director of Risk Management for King County, Washington since 2003. King County, which includes the Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan area, is the 13th largest County in the United States serving a population of over 2 million. King County, through its 15,000 employees, provides direct and regional services such as public health and community services, parks and recreation, wastewater treatment, and criminal justice. King County also operates the regional transportation network including bus, light rail, streetcar, and passenger ferry services, as well as the King County International Airport. 

Jennifer is responsible for establishing a culture of balanced risk-taking using a risk-value framework, implementing ERM, and managing a broad risk management program.

Jennifer received her B.A. in Business from the University of Washington, and her ARM-P and CRM designations. In 2018, Jennifer was named Public Risk Manager of the Year by the Public Risk Management Association and was named to the Risk and Insurance Management Society’s Risk Management Honor Roll.

.Marilyn Rivers is the Director of Risk and Safety and the Safety and Compliance Officer for the City of Saratoga Springs, NY. She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Physics and a Masters in Education. Her professional certifications include The Institutes’ CPCU, ARM, and AIC designations.

Marilyn currently chairs and facilitates her City Safety Committee and the Saratoga County Local Emergency Planning Committee composed of representatives from the federal, state and local governments who serve alongside area business leaders. She is a Director-at-Large for the National Safety Council’s Government and Public Sector. You may hear her on PRIMA Podcasts and Webinars speaking on a variety of risk and safety management basics. She hosts interns each semester from local colleges hoping to inspire future risk professionals.

Marilyn is active within her local community as a member of Lions International and is a recipient of their Melvin Jones, Robert J Uplinger and Knights of the Blind Awards for community service.