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January 2019: What to Know About V2V and V2I Technologies

February 2019: Acquisition Cost Index Pricing for Medications

February 2019: Cyberbullying Prevention

March 2019: What to Know When Establishing an On-Site Health Center

April 2019: Sober Living Homes

April 2019: Key Considerations in High Profile Critical Incidents

May 2019: Cross-Generational Workforces

May 2019: Disaster Recovery in Workers' Compensation

June 2019: Developing Your ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan

July 2019: Service Animals in the Workplace

August 2019: eSharing Mobility

September 2019: Is Self-Funding Right for Your Organization

November 2019: Liability for Police Encounters

December 2019: Developing Excellence in Cybersecurity Management

2019 Annual Conference Student Scholar Reflection

PRIMA Institute 2019

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