Applying Data-Driven Risk Management

Dan Foster, CPCU, ARM-P, CSP
Casualty Loss Control Expert, Munich Re
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In this podcast episode, Daniel Foster discusses data-driven risk management. He explains how risk managers can utilize various data sources, such as loss data, industry benchmarks, workplace surveys, biometrics, and telematics, to gain insight into loss drivers and mitigation strategies. He emphasizes the importance of data accuracy and relevance, and shares a case study where data analysis led to protective changes in elementary schools.

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Dan Foster, CPCU, ARM-P, CSP
Casualty Loss Control Expert, Munich Re Specialty Insurance

Dan serves as the casualty loss control expert for Munich Re Specialty Insurance. He is responsible for overseeing casualty loss control services for all MRSI programs and insurable interests. He serves as an internal resource for underwriting, program administration, product development and marketing.

Dan has over 23 years of experience in public sector insurance and pooling for entities such as cities, counties, schools, utilities and more. In addition to loss control, Dan also has experience in program administration, workers’ compensation self-insured fund management and claims administration.

Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Southern Indiana and has certifications in CPCU, ARM-P and CSP.

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