Applying Health and Safety Trends to Your Organization

Debra Spamer
Vice President, Business Development, Company Nurse and Lintelio
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Debra Spamer shares how organizations should apply health and safety trends. She addresses the factors leading to the Great Resignation, and how the need for employers to hire new staff leads to an increase of risk in workplace injuries, as well as remote working injuries.

Working remotely and the pandemic created a significant spike in tele-health for many reasons. As it stabilized in the summer of 2021, she explains why the experience will continue to improve, and why she's optimistic about its future. She talks about the critical aspects for employers offering effective and utilized digital tools; advising the best digital solution should be secure, easy to use, and communicates the company’s policies and expectations related to COVID-19.

You'll also learn how employee benefits were affected from the pandemic, the shifts in employee perception, and what companies must keep in mind to support their employees and the digital tools they choose.

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Debra Spamer
Vice President, Business Development, Company Nurse and Lintelio

Summary of Qualifications

Debra is vice president of business development for Company Nurse and Lintelio, adding more than 25 years of management experience as well as expertise in the areas of sales development and management, marketing, contract negotiations and customer relations.

Debra joined Company Nurse in the spring of 2014 and Lintelio at its inception in 2021.


Debra is responsible for revenue and business enhancement activities including strategic partner development, as well as expansion and continuous improvement planning for major client relationships utilizing the brand’s nurse triage services.

Business Experience

Debra previously served in vice president roles for, Incentive Logic, LiveWorld and Family Education Network.

In addition, she was the executive director of brand marketing and corporate alliances for International Cruise and Excursions. Earlier in her career – in another arena – she was the
manager of new media sales at the Chicago Sun-Times.


Debra received her B.S. in advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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