Commercialized Autonomous Vehicles: Risks & Insurance Implications

Drew Groth
Associate Actuary, Milliman
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In this episode, Drew Groth explores the topic of commercialized autonomous vehicles and their insurance implications. Drew shares his expertise in developing solutions for autonomous vehicles, particularly in the field of autonomous trucking. He explains the potential use cases of autonomous vehicles in the public sector, including autonomous shuttles for underserved areas and heavily trafficked areas. He also speaks on the impact of autonomous vehicles on risk for the public sector, noting the potential reduction in insurance losses in certain scenarios. The episode concludes with a discussion on insurance implications and the challenges of quantifying risks associated with autonomous vehicles.

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Drew Groth
Associate Actuary, Milliman

Summary of Qualifications

Drew is an actuary who specializes in quantifying risk and tailoring insurance solutions for unique exposures. He is well-versed in loss reserving, pricing and predictive modeling across various property and casualty lines, including commercial auto, workers' compensation, and general liability. His expertise extends beyond traditional insurance exposures to encompass emerging risks, notably related to autonomous vehicles as well as a broad spectrum of mass tort exposures (PFAS, talc, sexual misconduct, glyphosate, amongst others). Drew has closely collaborated with self-insured entities, major insurance providers and startups, leveraging his multifaceted experience and innovative thinking to craft customized insurance strategies ranging from transactions involving latent liabilities to rate plans for autonomous vehicles.


Drew has been helping entities quantify their large deductible, self-insured and captive risks for a decade with a focus on commercial auto, workers’ compensation, and general liability. Beyond reserving for these liabilities, he also assists insurance carriers and startups with developing and refreshing rate plans, providing a deep understanding of the key risk factors considered in insurance ratemaking. Drew is well-versed in predictive modeling techniques, using his expertise to build and review models utilized for pricing, underwriting and gaining business insights. His diverse background provides the tools needed to quantify emerging risks, most notably related to autonomous vehicles as well as a broad spectrum of mass tort exposures.

Business Experience

Drew has worked closely with risk managers in an actuarial role for Milliman since 2014. Beyond his job experience, he shares his insights on emerging insurance issues through presentations for various actuarial and risk management organizations, such as PRIMA, RIMS, CAS, and multiple insurance carriers. Drew has also authored articles on these topics and has been featured in publications including the PRIMA Blog, Risk & Insurance, Carrier Management and Leader’s Edge. Drew currently serves on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Chapter of RIMS.

Professional Affiliations

  • The Risk Management Society (RIMS)
  • Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS)
  • American Academy of Actuaries (AAA)


Drew earned a dual degree in actuarial science and finance from Valparaiso University and is an accredited Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society (ACAS).

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