Communicating with a Frog

Diane Becker
Communications Director, League Association of Risk Management (LARM)
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Diane Becker explains what it means to communicate with a frog. It encompasses the unique and effective techniques for communication with members. She explains why starting with the audience is key - asking who they are and what their needs are. Secondly, it’s having a specific goal. She suggests the first goal is to build trust with the audience. This will lead to better interactions and understanding of how to help your audience comprehend your objectives. Once trust is established, the ability to communicate what you would like the audience to know and implementing techniques becomes more effective.

Diane also shares instances on how they’ve handled statewide crises, such as flooding, and addressing recurring claims, such as trips and falls.

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Diane Becker
Communications Director, League Association of Risk Management (LARM)

Summary of Qualifications

- LARM Communications Director 6 years
- City of Norfolk Communications Director
- Past award winning journalist - newspapers and magazines
- National conference presenter


As the current communications director for LARM, Diane is responsible for making the communication plan and implementing it. She designs/updates the website and also designs/writes the annual report and information brochures. Diane also uses the articles from the loss control specialists to put risk management newsletters together. She sends out regular press releases to news sources about grants that LARM gives to its members. She also communicates regularly with members and staff using an email app.

Business Experience

- Contract writer for newspapers, magazines
- Website design and build business
- Computer instructor at community college

ERM Experience

Diane works regularly with staff to identify and implement best proven techniques to promote loss control.

Professional Affiliations

Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRIP), National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium (NLC-RISC), PRIMA


Master's of Education, property/casualty insurance license (State of Nebraska)

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