Cultivating Psychological Safety to Mitigate Risk

Amy Hartsfield
Risk Management Analyst, City of Eugene, OR
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In this podcast episode, Amy Hartsfield explains the importance of psychological safety in risk mitigation. Amy explains that psychological safety, a shared belief in the team's safety for interpersonal risk-taking, is crucial for risk management as it encourages proactive identification and addressing of risks. She suggests strategies for increasing psychological safety in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of leadership buy-in for successful implementation. The discussion highlights how psychological safety leads to early identification and correction of mistakes, essential for effective risk mitigation.

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Amy Hartsfield
Risk Management Analyst, City of Eugene, OR

Summary of Qualifications

As a relatively new professional in the Enterprise Risk Management world, the past two years have both opened Amy's eyes to the various aspects of the field and given her the opportunity to apply her past in training, marketing and events. Amy brings experience participating as volunteer coordinator in large-scale community emergency exercises while exercising a passion for connecting the dots between the psychology of how humans operate and realizing the goals we need to achieve in ERM.


Amy is primarily a project-based management analyst on the City of Eugene's Enterprise Risk Management Team. She supports her colleagues who specialize in liability claims, workers' compensation, and insurance while handling a variety of tasks that keep the team moving, such as serving as admin for claims software, running monthly and ad hoc reports, processing claims payments and purchase orders and managing the city's physical exams database.

Business Experience

15 years in local government:

  • Marketing and Events Coordination
  • Volunteer Program Management
  • Deputy Operations Chief in COVID Emergency Operations Center
  • Management Analyst on ERM team

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