Cyber Risk and Youth Protection

Joaquina Scott Kankam, Ph.D.
Director and Senior Consultant, School of Solutions
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Joaquina Scott Kankam discusses how to better implement cyber security with regards to youth protection. She mentions the first step is to implement a clear policy. She also explains what the policy should include and how to ensure that it’s effective and being adhered to.

Joaquina speaks on the effect of the pandemic on cyber risk, what to do with social platforms managed by multiple people, employee communication expectations and the one thing that she would require for youth serving rganizations.

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Joaquina Scott Kankam, Ph.D.
Director and Senior Consultant, School of Solutions

Summary of Qualifications

Joaquina Scott Kankam, Ph.D., is the director of School of Solutions, a consultancy specializing in youth protection. Not only is Joaquina an expert in youth protection compliance and risk management, but her practical experience has made her a leader in understanding the needs of youth-serving organizations.

Joaquina has worked in education for almost twenty years to improve the lives of others. In addition to being an educator (K-12 & Higher Education), Joaquina has presented at several national association conferences and participated as a panelist in several discussions regarding youth.


Dr. Scott Kankam works nationally to assist youth-serving organizations with protecting minors from abuse and neglect. She helps to create a better tomorrow by auditing and enhancing youth protection policies and policies.

Business Experience

Dr. Scott Kankam's experience includes enhancing and creating an awareness of the Six Effective Practices of the Youth Protection Enterprise Risk Management System®. The Youth Protection ERM System® identifies unknown and uncontrolled risks associated with hosting, operating or sponsoring programs for minors.

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