Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Practices in the Workplace

James Curbeam, CPCU, ARM, AIC
Director of Risk Management, Las Vegas Valley Water District
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James shares how to make greater progress as a society and individually for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Witnessing firsthand the lack of diversity on some panels, for instance, he illustrates that it is important for company leaders and disenfranchised individuals to have honest discussions that tackle solutions that may be uncomfortable in the onset.

Addressing minority advancement within the workplace, specifically in the insurance industry, James shares that the two key components are networking and opportunity. In order to advance, minority groups need to be in a position to network in order to build key relationships and be considered for opportunities, and that opportunities can be made readily available by attending professional gatherings such as conferences.

He also shares the foundational policies to be implemented in the workplace, and elaborates on what needs to happen to create lasting change.

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James Curbeam, CPCU, ARM, AIC
Director of Risk Management, Las Vegas Valley Water District

Summary of Qualifications

James Curbeam, is the risk manager for the Las Vegas Valley Water District. He holds a B.S. in finance from Creighton University and an executive MBA from the University of Nebraska Omaha. James has served in the following industry leadership roles: president, Nevada Chapter of RIMS; president, Nebraska Chapter of RIMS; and president of the Las Vegas CPCU Society. He also was named a 2018 Risk & Insurance All-Star and the 2019 PRIMA Risk Manager of the Year.

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