Don’t Blow a Gasket! Solutions to Address Employee Mental Well-Being and Mental Health

Kate Hubben
Vice President, Corporate Benefits, NFP
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This podcast episode, we open up a discussion on mental wellbeing and public sector employee benefits. Kate Hubben explores the trends in benefits plans, emphasizing the need for innovation and cost management, particularly regarding pharmacy costs. She underscores the significance of mental health in long-term public employment, citing examples of employers investing in onsite mental health resources. The conversation also covers the effectiveness of wellness programs, with Kate advocating for condition management. She discusses the complexities consultants face when working with diverse public sector groups and the necessity for continuous benefits plan evaluation and innovation.

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Kate Hubben
Vice President, Corporate Benefits, NFP

Summary of Qualifications

Kate worked in the public sector the first half of her career and has been an employee benefits consultant for 15 years. Kate currently works with large self-funded groups for NFP and is consistently recognized for her client retention and tenacity to find savings for her clients. Kate is a certified self-funding specialist, and holds a B.A. from The Ohio State University and an M.P.A. from Cleveland State University.


Kate is vice president of NFP and works with companies and public entities all across the United States. She is responsible for all strategy for groups with over 250 employees struggling to find ways to handle the consistent annual increases in healthcare costs. Healthcare is 17% of our gross domestic product (GDP) and we have an acute problem of affordability and a chronic problem of spending. Kate works with her clients to look at alternative funding models, condition management and pharmaceutical arrangements that can stem this rising cost. Kate leads a team of financial analysts, claim advocates and client managers to deliver results for her clients.

Business Experience

Kate was the senior director of global patient services at the Cleveland Clinic, where she worked with the international medical community in South America and the Middle East. Kate used this experience to move into the insurance side of healthcare and managed care and worked with Willis Towers Watson for 8 years and NFP since 2021 as a consultant.

Professional Affiliations

  • In Counsel with Women (Board Member)
  • Tri C Foundation (Board Member)
  • Cleveland Jewish News (Vice Chair)


  • B. A., The Ohio State University
  • Masters of Public Administration, Cleveland State University
  • Certified Self Funding Specialist, HCAA

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