Ergonomics and Working from Home

Lisa Orr
Senior Human Factors Consultant, Sedgwick
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For this week’s episode, Lisa Orr provides a wide range of solutions for working from home. She explains specific tactics in achieving efficiency within this new normal, such as:

  • Dedicating a specific space
  • What to do with limited space and funds
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Developing routines
  • The ideal ergonomic setup
  • How to coordinate with children and their schedule
  • Supporting from a managerial role

Lisa brings to light some of the office tendencies that have been lost and what aspects are valuable to incorporate into your schedule.

Lisa Orr
Senior Human Factors Consultant, Sedgwick

Summary of Qualifications

Lisa is a board certified professional ergonomist and a senior human factors consultant with Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.


Lisa's responsibilities are to develop, implement and evaluate human factors/ergonomic program strategies for clients; to develop and deliver educational programs and materials; to serve as liaison to internal and external groups for human factors/ergonomics issues and opportunities; and to provide guidance in human factors/ergonomics issues and development.

Business Experience

Lisa has 26 years of experience providing ergonomics consulting and human factors design and research services for a variety of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, apparel, newspaper/publishing, banking/finance, retail, transportation and public entities. Consulting with local, regional and national employers, she assists them in developing, implementing, and evaluating loss prevention program strategies. She specializes in the assessment of overall work processes, compliance, training, onsite evaluations and analytics.

Professional Affiliations

Member - Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) & International
Ergonomics Association (IEA)

Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE)


M.S., Industrial Engineering, with a specialization in human factors, University of
Nebraska, Lincoln

B.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Houston, University Park

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