How Health Management Programs Impact Workers’ Compensation

Kimberly Gaston, MD, DC
Clinical Field Service Director, Insurance Program Managers Group
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While there are many factors that determine the outcome of a claim, the most significant influence is the decline in health of the claimant, which leads to increased costs and a longer duration. The rate of chronic conditions are on the rise for all American age groups. At the current rate, 42% of Americans will be severely obese by 2030.

Dr. Kimberly Gaston elaborates on:

  • How complicating health conditions can influence workers' compensation and injury management
  • How employee health management systems impact injury, recovery benefit and utilization
  • The different employee health management system administration options
  • The impact these systems have on COVID related health and disease prevention
Kimberly Gaston, MD, DC
Clinical Field Service Director, Insurance Program Managers Group

Summary of Qualifications

Kimberly  is a safety and health advocate dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and safety of employees. She is accredited with her medical degree from the University of Health Sciences Antigua School of Medicine, chiropractic license and Bachelor of Science in human biology from Northwestern Health Sciences University, is certified through the National Wellness Institute as a corporate wellness program manager and attained her Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist Certification through Cooper Institute.


Kimberly has spent 24 years of her career working with employers to expand the traditional employee wellness model into a true, comprehensive workforce health management approach with the focus of integrating safety and health to minimize the risk and exposure of illness and injury.

Business Experience

  • Clinical work comp and insurance
  • Alternative risk space

ERM Experience

Kimberly has worked for Insurance Program Mangers Group since February of 2012. She started as a risk management consultant for public entities. This included onsite and remote risk management assessments and employee/supervisor training, accident investigation and implementation of modified return to work programs.

Professional Affiliations

PRIMA, SIIA, IBI, Disability Management Employer Coalition

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