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Ian Petrelli’s 2023 Annual Conference Student Scholar Reflection

Ian Petrelli
Risk Management/Insurance and Actuarial Science Major, Florida State University

Having received a 2023 PRIMA student scholarship provided great learning opportunities, including networking with professionals and firms while gaining a greater understanding of both private and public risk. As an aspiring actuary, the experiences that I took away from PRIMA 2023 will be invaluable as I continue my education.

One of my favorite aspects of attending the PRIMA conference was getting to network with industry professionals of many backgrounds. PRIMA also helped to facilitate the growth of student scholars by assigning a few mentors to the group. Each mentor brought a certain field of expertise and helped me in all aspects of insurance. An additional networking opportunity from PRIMA was through the conference hall I was able to network with many firms and brokerages to learn how actuaries fit into their business. Part of my duty as a PRIMA scholar was a meet and greet at the PRIMA booth in the conference hall. This was an additional way for me to network as well as continue to get to know the PRIMA leadership. All in all, the forging of new connections through the conference made me feel at home in the insurance community as well as opening doors for the future.

Another amazing learning experience for me during PRIMA 2023 centered around the variety of educational sessions offered. The two sessions that I attended that stuck with me the most were An Approach to a Captive in the Public Sector and Property and Casualty Pricing for 2024. These two most likely stuck out the most to me because they have to deal more with issues within the industry. Since my father is also an insurance professional and looking into forming a captive, I understood the overall idea of one, but through the session I gained a better idea on how a municipality would conduct a feasibility study in an effort to form a captive. Through the session on property and casualty pricing, I saw the current state regarding the rising cost of premiums. The speaker went into great depth on why P&C premiums are becoming so outrageous. In addition, the speaker had an associate that was an actuary that assisted in his presentation, allowing me to see his presentation from the perspective of an actuary. Ultimately, I learned a lot about the public side of insurance from the provided sessions.

Overall, being able to attend the 2023 PRIMA conference as a student scholar was an exceptional opportunity to better myself for a future in the insurance industry. Since I am only a rising sophomore in college and just beginning my journey, the experiences that I took away from PRIMA 2023 will be immeasurable.

*The views and opinions expressed in the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) blogs are those of each respective author. The views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PRIMA.*

By: Ian Petrelli
Risk Management/Insurance and Actuarial Science Major, Florida State University

Ian is currently in his freshman year at Florida State University, but is academically a junior double-majoring in risk management & insurance and and actuarial science. His interest in the insurance sector was sparked by a combination of the finance magnet program that he participated in during high school and his father, who is the current director of risk management for Orange County, FL. From there, Ian has built the foundation to the career path he wants to pursue and the professional mannerisms needed for the business world. Ian has worked in several internships, including Addition Financial as a student teller, Aeras Technologies as an accounting assistant, and Brown & Brown Insurance. These experiences have given him a well-rounded grasp on finance and insurance.

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