Injury Prevention, Treatment & the Aging Workforce

Fernando Branco, MD, FAAPM&R
AVP, Claims & Chief Medical Officer, Midwest Employers Casualty
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In this episode, Dr. Fernando Branco discusses the aging workforce and its impact on injury prevention and treatment. He explains why baby boomers are choosing to continue working and the factors contributing to their decision. Dr. Branco also highlights the differences in injury rates between older and younger workers, emphasizing the need for preventative measures. He further explores the effects of COVID-19 on the workforce and predicts future trends.

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Fernando Branco, MD, FAAPM&R
AVP, Claims & Chief Medical Officer, Midwest Employers Casualty


Fernando has presented in several conferences, podcasts, webinars and blogs in the insurance industry, mainly with regards to worker's compensation. He supervises the medical team at Midewest Employers and provides medical supervision for the claims department.
Fernando also provides consultant services to several other Berkley companies as a physician.

Business Experience

Fernando has 30 years of clinical experience as an MD, board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain medicine and addiction medicine.
Insurance work for the last 7 years Worker's Compensation.


  • MD Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS
  • Residency PM&R - ABBR Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Masters in PM&R - Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Residency PM&R - University of Kentucky
  • PhD Exercise Physiology - ABD - University of Minnesota
  • Board certification in PM&R, Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicine.

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