Managing Infectious Disease Risks

Teresa Bartlett, MD
Senior Medical Officer, Sedgwick
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It’s imperative to understand how to manage the ongoing risks and consequences of the current COVID-19 crisis at hand. In order to do so, it is necessary to understand new information about how the virus is spread and compare the efficacy of precautions and personal protective equipment as well as the long-term consequences of the virus, even for asymptomatic individuals. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Teresa Bartlett explains:

  • The duration of quarantine pending COVID-19 exposure
  • The distribution of Pfizer’s vaccine that is currently in trial; and how it must be administered
  • The latest clinical research
  • CDC’s recent change for definition of close contact 
  • The impact related to physical and mental health 
Teresa Bartlett, MD
Senior Medical Officer, Sedgwick

Summary of Qualifications

Teresa's background in family medicine led to a business career with a large automotive manufacturer. She has managed large self-insured, multi-state workers’ compensation programs and the Canadian workers’ compensation program. The short term disability (STD) program which she managed was union negotiated.


As medical director for Sedgwick, Teresa is the senior advisor in matters affecting the design and delivery of medical management services for the company’s claims clients. She provides strategic counsel and operational support in all areas of medical management including case management, return-to-work, medical outcomes protocols, pharmacy interventions, telemedicine and health and safety matters. Teresa also advises on best practices to integrate the delivery of occupational and non-occupational medical services and the matters affecting healthcare as part of the claims services process.

Business Experience

Sedgwick experience includes clinical operations, utilization review, pharmacy management, consult and guidance for clients in matters of COVID-19 and clinical management of casualty and disability claims.

Professional Affiliations

Crisis Text Line Crisis counsellor volunteer
Business Insurance Foundation Board (Cannabis, W2W)


Bachelor of Science
Medical Doctor

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