The Importance of Mentorship in Risk Management

Briana Gilmore
Graduate Student (Master of Public Administration), Texas State University - San Marcos
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Melissa Steger and Brianna Gilmore share the importance and satisfaction associated with the mentor/mentee dynamic in risk management.

Melissa explains why she finds mentoring to be a gratifying experience and how it sustains and enhances the risk management sector. She shares how valuable others’ guidance can be in moments of uncertainty and elaborates on the distinction between mentoring vs. managing colleagues as well as how mentorships vary according to the mentee’s needs.

Brianna provides the benefits of being a mentee, why she decided to be mentored by Melissa, and what she is seeking to gain from the experience.

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Melissa Steger, MPA, CRM
Associate Director, WCI & Unemployment Insurance, University of Texas System

Melissa is the associate director of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance for the University of Texas System (the UT System). Melissa is responsible for administering the self-insured workers’ compensation program for academic and health institutions of the UT System. The program includes a certified workers’ compensation health care network and claims handling through a third- party administrator with close oversight by the UT System. She is also responsible for administration of the self-insured unemployment compensation insurance fund. Melissa holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies and a Master of Public Administration degree. She also earned a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation from the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. Melissa was a director on the Texas PRIMA board and is the current president for PRIMA. She received the 2016 Texas PRIMA Risk Professional of the Year award and the Servant Heart Award in 2019.

Briana Gilmore
Graduate Student (Master of Public Administration), Texas State University - San Marcos

Briana is a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Texas State University-San Marcos. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication with a concentration in public relations from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2009. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the communications field, primarily with not-for-profit organizations, and has academic interests in communication strategies, tools and management in public and nonprofit administration.

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