New Face of Case Management in Workers’ Compensation

Josephine Copeland
Vice President, Managed Care Services, PMA Companies
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The new face of case management incorporates technology to provide a holistic approach to the person; subsequently encouraging more proactive, resolution driven claims processes which will prove to be more effective for all parties.


In this podcast, listeners will learn why case management plays such a pivotal role in workers' compensation claims and how technology enables earliest intervention. The risks of delayed or interrupted claims and how the new model impact public entities and examples of early intervention benefits will also be expanded upon. In discovering how to glean pertinent information regarding the new model of case management, you will garner an understanding of where to put your focus as a risk manager and how to ask the best questions in order to make sure your claims are being managed in the best possible way.  

Josephine Copeland
Vice President, Managed Care Services, PMA Companies

Summary of Qualifications

Josephine is the vice president of managed care services of PMA Companies. She is an accomplished, results-driven leader with a comprehensive management background in workers’ compensation, auto, and group health PPO networks, medical bill review and state-compliant managed care organizations. She is recognized for her expertise in managed care and has spoken at numerous professional gatherings, including the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference. Ms. Copeland was honored in 2019 by Business Insurance with their Women to Watch Award.


Josephine is responsible for leading PMA’s corporate-wide managed care operations. In addition to providing strategic leadership, she is responsible for overseeing medical networks and vendor management, bill review, product quality and case management functions.

Business Experience

Josephine has a record of achievement in positions of increasing responsibility in the workers’ compensation, auto and group health managed care industry. Prior to joining PMA, she served as vice president, cost containment at Broadspire, which is a global TPA and managed care service provider. Prior to Broadspire, she held leadership roles at Fairpay Solutions/Mitchell, Intracorp, and Genex. Throughout her career, Josephine has worked closely with insurers and TPAs in developing the implementing new managed care products and participating in all aspects of the marketing and sales process.


Josephine is a graduate of Wesley College with a Bachelors of Business Administration.

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