Operational Risk Issues Facing Public Entities During Freedom of Speech

Marilyn Rivers, CPCU, ARM, AIC
Principal, CEO, Rivers Risk Consulting, LLC
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In this podcast episode, we chat with Marilyn Rivers. Marilyn discusses operational risk issues for public entities concerning freedom of speech. She underscores the importance of business continuity planning, redundancy in processes and the valuation of public assets. Marilyn highlights the need for accessible information, preparedness and proactive community measures. She also emphasizes safety committees and partnerships with educational institutions and government agencies, Marilyn advocates for a holistic approach to risk management, utilizing the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to mitigate community risks.

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Marilyn Rivers, CPCU, ARM, AIC
Principal, CEO, Rivers Risk Consulting, LLC

Summary of Qualifications

Marilyn is a nationally recognized public entity leader, strategist and educator in the field of risk management with over 35 years of risk and safety experience. She has firsthand experience in establishing best practice standards for property and casualty fiscal risk management programming. Marilyn has expertise in establishing partnerships, helping folks overcome communication issues and achieving consensus.


Marilyn is an educator, blogger and consultant managing risk and safety projects for public sector clients and private companies serving public entities

Business Experience

Marilyn's experience consists of 20 years of service in the public sector in risk and safety management, five years in national healthcare risk management at the executive level and 10 years working in the private sector in insurance and information technology.

Professional Affiliations

Marilyn is a member of PRIMA, CPCU Society and Lions International.


  • Masters in Education, Tufts University
  • Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Clarkson University

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