Psychadelics: Panacea of Pandora’s Box?

Phil Walls, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer, myMatrixx
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In this week's episode, Phil Walls explores the definition of psychedelics, which includes drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, ketamine and esketamine. He explains the differences in the chemical compositions of these drugs and how they can be used medically or recreationally.

Phil speaks about the use of psychedelics and hallucinogens, including older and more recently developed drugs. While LSD and psilocybin are classified as Schedule 1 drugs and have abuse potential, drugs like esketamine are available as Spravato nasal spray for prescription use in treating mental disorders.

The conversation also delves into the abuse potential of psychadelics and the ongoing research regarding their therapeutic uses.

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Phil Walls, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer, myMatrixx


Phil is the chief clinical officer for myMatrixx. He joined the company in 2006 and oversees all aspects of myMatrixx’s clinical program, including drug utilization review, formulary management, drug regimen reviews and targeted intervention with prescribing physicians.

Business Experience

Phil is a clinical pharmacist with over 40 years of experience in pharmacy, healthcare informatics and workers’ compensation. Previously, he served in leadership positions within the industry with Health Information Designs, Inc., PMSI and Cigna Healthcare of Florida, Inc. He is a published author and frequent national speaker on clinical issues in workers’ compensation.

Professional Affiliations

Phil was named CompPharma’s 2015 Person of the Year and received the Dorland Health People Pharmacist Award. He is a member of the AMCP, APhA, APS, ASAP, ASHP, FPA and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research.


Phil received his Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from Mercer University School of Pharmacy and was awarded doctoral candidate status in pharmacology at Ohio State University.

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