Retention of Talent: Do’s and Don’ts

Mauricio Velasquez
Founder and President, The Diversity Training Group
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In this podcast episode, we chat with Mauricio Velasquez to discuss the challenges of the current labor market with emphasis on the importance of organizational alignment, effective supervision and management. He highlights factors that attract and retain talent, such as work-life balance, growth opportunities and company culture. Mauricio also stresses the role of leadership in fostering trust and accountability. The episode concludes with best practices for talent retention.

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Mauricio Velasquez
Founder and President, The Diversity Training Group

Summary of Qualifications

Mauricio has trained in every state but North Dakota. His work and life has taken him to more than 70 countries. Mauricio has trained more than 1 million participants in his 29-year career. He is a local, state and national speaker as well as a regular speaker for PRIMA.


Mauricio is a trainer, consultant, coach, expert witness and author. He published an e-book with accompanying guide earlier this year on improving your DEI strategy, plan and efforts. Presently, Mauricio is writing a book titled "Tackling Toxicity" with a publisher to come out later this year.

Business Experience

With nearly 30 years of experience working at local, state, regional and national level for PRIMA member clients, Mauricio has worked with dozens of organizations in the PRIMA space. Many of his efforts and partnerships with clients are focused on the clients' retention of talent, issues internally and winning the war for talent externally.

Professional Affiliations

Member, Society for Human Resource Management


  • BA - Double Major, Economics and Psychology, The University of Virginia
  • MBA - Human Resources Management, The George Washington University

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