Stop Loss Strategies

Lisa Stamm, Esq.
VP, Consulting Services, Sherrill Morgan
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With the COVID-19 crisis, it's more difficult to predict how claims are going to play out. Some factors to take into account include the benefits of having aggregate coverage vs. specific coverage, as well as some of the most important considerations for a self-funded employer:

  • Taking a "laser"
  • Premium rate cap
  • Aggregate accommodation
  • Terminal liability option protection
  • Additional stop-loss enhancements

Additionally, it is important to determine what can lead to pitfalls with stop-loss claims as well as the methods necessary to avoid them.

Lisa Stamm, Esq.
VP, Consulting Services, Sherrill Morgan

Summary of Qualifications

Lisa is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati College of Law. As a licensed attorney, she is able to consult with clients regarding applicable state and federal laws that are applicable to their health plans. She is also knowledgeable about compliance with applicable laws, including the ACA, COBRA, ERISA, and HIPAA. Lisa is also an expert and featured speaker on regulatory issues, particularly as they relate to health care reform. She is a regular speaker at local, regional, and national conferences.


Lisa is the VP of the consulting division. She and her team oversee all self-funded groups. She is the primary contact for our clients regarding regulation, compliance, and health care reform issues and questions. She has an outstanding track record in reducing and maintaining plan costs. Her vast experience makes her invaluable to our clients.

Business Responsibilities

Lisa leads the self-funded division at SHERRILL MORGAN. Her team employs innovative new tools and plan designs to save clients money and allow them more control over their health plans. She is an expert at contract review and negotiation and strives to provide clients with the best possible service.

Professional Affiliations

Lisa has been a member of the Kentucky Bar Association since 1992


Northern Kentucky University - B.S. in Finance, 1989
University of Cincinnati College of Law - J.D., 1992

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