Strategic Business Partnerships – Risks, Rewards & Results

Dalene Bartholomew
Vice President, VRC Investigations
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Dalene Bartholomew talks about the risks, rewards and getting positive results of strategic business partnerships. She explains how organizations utilize outsourcing of service providers to reach their goals, specifically for the insurance industry. She also delves into how outsourcing a variety of providers allows insurance to focus on their competencies. Some examples of service providers frequently utilized are TPAs, medical bill review services, defense councils and investigation agencies.

Dalene then breaks down the difference between vendors and business partnerships, the positives and negatives of multi-partner models and preferred vendor relationships, the five points why preferred vendor relationships are on the rise, and the solution to balance out the pros and cons by creating a core of providers but keeping the processes open.

She provides her top three tips for an organization to create mutually beneficial out relationships:

  1. Clarity around goals and mutual commitment
  2. Communication that’s frequent, transparent and collaborative
  3. Selecting the right long-term provider

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Dalene Bartholomew
Vice President, VRC Investigations

Summary of Qualifications

Dalene is a thought leader and forward-thinking senior executive with a 20-year record of success. Recognized speaker, author, certified fraud specialist, creator of relationship-based partnerships, regulatory compliance officer, vendor program developer, board member, expert witness, licensed DOI education provider and collaborator. Dalene was awarded the inaugural “Fraud Fighter of the Year” by the Anti-Fraud Alliance, is a fraud regulatory compliance expert, serves as a fraud advisory council member and is an expert in vendor program management.

Business Experience

Dalene has a 20-year record of success as a senior executive in the investigation and fraud regulatory and compliance industry. Certified fraud specialist, creator of relationship-based partnerships, regulatory compliance officer, vendor program developer, expert witness, and licensed DOI education provider. She is an expert witness and serves as board advisor and past board chair with various organizations.

Professional Afilliations

  • CFE - Certified Fraud Examiner
  • CIFI - Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator
  • Volunteer on ACFE Advisory Council


  • BS Business Management, Capella University
  • Licensed Investigator in multiple states

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