The Right Care at the Right Time: How Digital Health is Transforming Employee Wellness and Return-To-Work

Raja Sundaram
CEO, Plethy, Inc.
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Raja explains how digital health is transforming employees' recovery and overall wellness. He speaks on what makes a good digital health program and how digital health augments care by enabling providers to further support patients in their recovery in between clinic visits. Key components to a successful program include coaching, delivering data and insights, leading to more support, motivation, and faster intervention and recovery.

Digital health programs reduce injury costs and overall cost of the claim, help avoid unnecessary medical treatment, decrease risk of re-injury, reduce missed work days, and provide a good and safe recovery experience. Therefore, goals for all parties are being met while producing better quality outcomes.

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Raja Sundaram
CEO, Plethy, Inc.

Summary of Qualifications

Raja is a transformational leader, skilled in re-imagining and re-shaping the customer experience, developing and implementing digital solutions, and consistently driving growth. His success comes from his ability to align and evolve organizations, harness the power and speed of partnerships and channels, transform business models, and craft a relevant products and services portfolio from incubation to scale.


As the CEO of Plethy, Raja is passionate about reshaping the patient experience through a digital health hybrid care model that augments care providers at home. He is a believer in approaching patients holistically through bio-psycho-social data-driven patient engagement and analytics to personalize care plan, accelerate recovery, and gain sustainable cost reduction.

Business Experience

Raja was a previously a vice president at Cisco Systems, responsible for sales through alliances and channels. His experience spans multiple industries that includes Virgin Hyperloop One, Eseye and Boston Consulting. Raja has held senior management roles in sales, business development, marketing, product management, customer service and engineering. Raja also sits in advisory boards of various startups that span various industries, including cyber security.


Raja holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

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