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Catherine Benavidez
President, Injury Management Organization, Inc.
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Workers' compensation networks did not exist in Texas, prior to 2005. Catherine shares how their healthcare network was approved in 2006, activated in 2009 and how they’ve significantly decreased medical cost averages as well as days of work lost.

Organically growing your network has proven to be significantly beneficial. Having productive relationships with providers is key; they’re able to manage care from the beginning of a case to the end of the case with collaborative efforts of utilization review, medical bill review, ancillary peer review, and field and telephonic case management.

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Catherine Benavidez
President, Injury Management Organization, Inc.


Catherine is responsible for the operation and development of innovative services that lead to serving the client and providing quality managed care services. IMO has its organically developed Health Care Network (HCN/1305) called the IMO Med-Select Network. IMO is a Utilization Review Agent and can do pre-authorization for all lines. IMO provides all case management services including field and telephonic and a 24 hour coverage called the "E-Intelemed", an Early Intervention Case Management Triage.

Professional Affiliations

National and State PRIMA, RIMS, Local Claims Associations, Case Management and also the TEXANS- for nonsubscribers in the State of Texas. Past Board of the Texas Occupational Therapy Association and Current Board of the Goodwill Industries.


Catherine is a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Case Manager.

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