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In addition to informative presentations from knowledgeable risk management professionals, PRIMA webinars include handouts, participant polls and 30 minutes of live Q&A. Take advantage of the opportunity for virtual learning whether you are alone or in the company of your colleagues! Be sure to clear your calendar and click on the Webinar titles to register!

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Fraud in Risk Management

June 26, 2024
What happens when an issue is shrouded in misinformation or subterfuge? What happens when you rely on information provided that is not what it appears to be. This session focuses on managing the integrity of risk and its governance and learning how to let go of what you can’t control.

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Succession Planning: Your People, Your Board and Growing Your Own

July 17, 2024
This session is intended to provide attendees with the steps to identify (potential) gaps in their organization’s succession planning for both internal staff as well as their committees/board. Additionally, attendees will also be provided with a template form and other resources that are key to establishing an effective succession plan.

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Driver Management Essentials

August 21, 2024
In order to get ahead of the curve of disaster impact, communities must have a change in mindset and focus time, energy and funds proactively. Disaster risk reduction involves tipping the scales in favor of preparedness, mitigation and capability growth.

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Storytelling: How to Tell Your Organization’s Story to Gain Support and Drive the Narrative

September 25, 2024
In this session, learn how taking a strategic approach toward storytelling can help you identify stories within your organization, tie them to your organizational goals, and develop them for various platforms and audiences.

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Incorporating Data Analytics into Enterprise Risk Management

October 16, 2024
Data drives decision-making in most institutions and can be a significant factor in how effective or ineffective an organization’s enterprise risk management program can be. The University of Massachusetts will share how they are enhancing the quality and aggregation of data to inform their enterprise risk management program.

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Enhancing Community Fire Safety

November 20, 2024
This webinar emphasizes the critical importance of fire safety in preserving lives and property. It provides statistical insight into fire incidents, highlighting their profound impact on communities.

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Award-Winning Ideas and Lessons from PRMYs

December 18, 2024
This panel of PRIMA’s Risk Managers of the Year will help every level of risk professional. New risk managers can learn how to establish a solid program and more seasoned risk managers might leave knowing a few new tricks.

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Lessons Learned on Web and Digital Access for Customers with Disabilities

January 17, 2024
Two members of the University of Washington’s Accessible Design and Innovative Inclusion team will share what they have learned from years of providing accessibility reviews for private businesses and state and local governments.

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Guardian vs. Warrior Mentality in Law Enforcement: Re-evaluating Training

February 21, 2024
This webinar will discuss how current law enforcement training philosophies may contribute to a warrior mentality. The warrior mentality can prevent efforts to improve public perceptions of police legitimacy.

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