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In addition to informative presentations from knowledgeable risk management professionals, PRIMA webinars include handouts, participant polls and 30 minutes of live Q&A. Take advantage of the opportunity for virtual learning whether you are alone or in the company of your colleagues! Be sure to clear your calendar and click on the Webinar titles to register!

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Driving a Risk Management Program for Your Public Fleet Operations

In providing uninterrupted services 24/7, a public entity’s fleet contains a variety of motor vehicles, many of which create unique liability exposures requiring special controls and driver training.

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The Secrets Behind Successful OCIPs

What are the secrets behind successful Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs)? In this hot construction market, OCIPs offer public entities, schools, and colleges a better method of controlling construction costs and improving project outcomes.

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#YouToo: Lifecycle of a Sexual Misconduct Claim

The #MeToo movement has resulted in increasing sexual misconduct claims against perpetrators and the public entities (#YouToo) for whom they work or volunteer.

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Creating a Culture of Emergency Preparedness

The question for most schools is not if a disaster will happen to them, but when. Being prepared for a disaster, be it an act of violence, natural disaster, or something else, before it strikes can help mitigate both losses and trauma.

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Wake Up and Win!

A dynamic and engaging presentation designed to teach you how to pursue your work whole-heartedly and challenge you to stretch both as a leader and team-member.

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Care and Program Considerations for Underrepresented Populations

Today’s workforce is more dynamic than ever before. In the public risk arena population segments such as first responders require a unique understanding and approach.

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Leveraging Telehealth to Redefine Intake and Proactively Manage Care

Attendees will learn how intake can be bifurcated to address both care management in tandem with claims management. See how to create a virtual occupational medicine clinic and its impact on your patient population.

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Virtual COVID-19 Reopening Task Force Roundtable

Presenters describe pre-existing policies/procedures that are instrumental in an entity’s ability to manage the current health crisis.

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Occupational Physicals and Employee Wellness – Redirecting Costs

DECEMBER 16, 2020
By offering a robust employee wellness and occupational physical program, you can detect health conditions early that save lives and reduce the overall cost of treating medical conditions.

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