The question every organization should ask: Why do some organizations build sustainable diversity programs and others don't (can't)? To move the needle from just diversity to true equity, organizations must evaluate how committed they are to equality and accountability. Lofty goals often don’t equate to sustained measurable results. This program offers a birds eye view of what it takes to build a sustained diversity program built around key performance indicators (KPIs). Attendees will learn specific steps their organizations should take to improve their diversity and inclusion initiatives – internally, externally and within the track of upward mobility all while increasing access for diverse vendors. Diversity is not just about employees – done right it is an enterprise wide initiative.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of your organization’s diversity initiatives - who wants it, who doesn't and how do you build a sustainable program.
  2. What are the key performance indicators for successful DEI programs?
  3. Ways to improve equity and commitment for everyone including vendors
  4. Why risk managers must have a seat at the DEI table - if you're not there what can happen to the organizations messaging