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In addition to informative presentations from knowledgeable risk management professionals, PRIMA webinars include handouts, participant polls and 30 minutes of live Q&A. Take advantage of the opportunity for virtual learning whether you are alone or in the company of your colleagues! Be sure to clear your calendar and click on the Webinar titles to register!

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ERM Beyond the Risk Assessment – Framework, Principles, and Integration

A risk assessment effort is only one part of a true ERM program. The most sustainable value comes from a shift in an entity’s culture with regards to how it considers, evaluates and acts on risks on an ongoing basis.

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2019 Webinar Archives

Previously-presented 2019 Webinars are available to PRIMA members to download.

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ACA – Dead or Alive?

After the Affordable Care Act was fully deployed in 2014, political action has abounded to overturn its broad sweeping requirements.

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Why Video Footage Isn’t Always the Answer

Risk management professionals must analyze public safety issues in two contexts: understanding the behavior behind a current claim and developing member programs to help to mitigate future risk. Video related to law enforcement interactions frequently become viral internet sensations and national news.

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The Curse of Critical Incident Stress

Law enforcement personnel experience frightening potential outcomes when attempting to gauge the situation as they rush to protect. There are many factors at play including the expectations of society, protection of the officer, the collateral damage the perpetrator sets in motion as the violence escalates, critical incident stress, and the long-term impacts of a career in law enforcement.

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The Doctor Will “FaceTime” You Now

During this session, you will examine the pros and cons of Telemedicine in workers’ compensation and the current national recommendations, while reviewing strategic ways to implement and avoid pitfalls with your employees.

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Until Help Arrives

This presentation will help attendees recognize, respond, rescue and report in the event of an active killer situation. Focus is on care for victims of penetrating trauma and the simple skills that can save lives.

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When PTSD Shows Up at Work

This session will look at what risk managers can do to assist employees suffering from PTSD and what steps to take to minimize and mitigate its affect at the workplace.

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State of the Market – Liability Hot Topics

Gain an overview of market trends and hot topics that require risk management attention such as: trends in sex abuse, law enforcement, cyber liability and more.

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