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In addition to informative presentations from knowledgeable risk management professionals, PRIMA webinars include handouts, participant polls and 30 minutes of live Q&A. Take advantage of the opportunity for virtual learning whether you are alone or in the company of your colleagues! Be sure to clear your calendar and click on the Webinar titles to register!

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The Price of Leadership

February 16, 2022
In this session, attendees will learn the difference between influence and authority and how to maximize their impact through correctly utilizing both.

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Cyber Security: More Than Insurance Coverage

March 16, 2022
This webinar will explore current best practices to strengthen your organization’s cyber security, and your readiness to swiftly mitigate and respond to a cyber attack or breach should one occur.

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I Thought I Was an Additional Insured

April 20, 2022
The day a large claim arrives and you discover you didn’t have the coverage or status you thought you had will not qualify as one of your better days. Don’t be surprised at one of those critical moments!

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The Change Cycle: Building Resilience & Success in a World of Change

May 18, 2022
Discover how to use change as a catalyst to build your own resilience as a leader and improve your ability to guide your team through uncertain times.

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You Have Insurance but Do You Have Coverage?: Emphasis on Exclusions and Coverage Gaps

June 29, 2022
Attendees will walk away with the presence of mind to choose the coverage that is ideal for their entity.

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Risk Management’s Role in Addressing the Insider Threat Security Risk

July 27, 2022
This presentation will provide attendees with the weapons to tackle security hazards set in motion by those behind the curtain.

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Confessions of a Traveling Zombie: Four Tools to Navigate to Great Human Performance

August 31, 2022
The speaker for this session will share lessons from his adventures of traveling over 60-70 trips a year, which includes some of his mistakes and some of his observations.

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Risk Owners: Who, How and What Do They Do?

September 28, 2022
The selection and training of risk owners is critical to managing risks across your organization. How do you get the right people on board?

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Risk Management in a Time of Volatile Insurance Markets and Ever Increasing Natural Disasters

October 26, 2022
This presentation will review examples of recent disasters that had a significant impact on the insurance marketplace. Some are natural and others are geo-political.

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