Leveraging Telehealth to Redefine Intake and Proactively Manage Care

Attendees will learn how intake can be bifurcated to address both care management in tandem with claims management.

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See how to create a virtual occupational medicine clinic and learn about the impact to your patient population. There will be a discussion concerning differences in credentialing with telehealth and brick-and-mortar providers. Lastly, we will discuss chronic pain and how leveraging telehealth can help mitigate risk for this challenging subset of patients.  

Attendee Takeaways:

  • Looking beyond just improving lag-time at intake and the benefits of a clinical front-end program 
  • Understanding credentialing standards and requirements for telehealth
  • How predictive analytics and telehealth for proactive care can mitigate risk

The Importance of Enterprise Risk Management in a COVID-19 Environment

The global pandemic has exposed how business, security, and technology risks converge in a way that creates broader systemic risk.

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This presentation will explore how the Department of Homeland Security is advancing its approach to tracking and managing systemic risk to the Nation’s critical infrastructure and its impact on the broader public-private partnership to promote resilience amidst the pandemic.

ERM Beyond the Risk Assessment – Framework, Principles, and Integration

Though a risk assessment is generally the initial focus of implementing an enterprise risk management program, one of the most common mistakes that organizations make is that they fail to move beyond the risk assessment.

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Though important, a risk assessment effort is only one part of a true ERM program. The most sustainable value actually comes from a shift in the culture of the organization with regards to how it considers, evaluates and acts on risks on an ongoing basis.
The ISO 31000 Framework and Principles provide a roadmap on how to incorporate a more risk-aware approach into the daily operations of the organization, formalizing the relationship between effective risk identification and management and the creation and protection of organizational value.
Attendee Takeaways:
  • Introduction to ISO 31000 Principles
  • Overview of ISO 31000 Framework
  • Tips on designing a sustainable model
  • Examples for measuring performance over time

Until Help Arrives

This presentation will help attendees recognize, respond, rescue and report in the event of an active killer situation.

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This course will focus on the trauma care for victims of penetrating trauma. The simple skills that will be discussed are proven to save lives. Using battlefield data and modifying the techniques for the civilian world, this webinar can prepare the attendee to possibly save lives.

Attendee Takeaways:

  • Be the help before help arrives
  • Understand the disaster arc to help your chances of survival
  • Learn how to focus on treatment to possibly decrease the number of total casualties
  • Prepare the mind by focusing on situational awareness at all times

Marijuana and CBD

The presentation will teach attendees the history and origin of marijuana while exploring the risks and benefits of both marijuana and CBD, defined with a brief review of case law

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Attendee Takeaways:

  • CBD and marijuana law
  • Risks and benefits of CBD and marijuana
  • Look at the future of CBD and marijuana

Liability and Auto Claims

Attendees will learn the primary elements in handling claims.

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The presenter will walk participants through the denial, acceptance, mediation, insurance carrier ramifications and the influence of politics. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and excel in your departments’ handling of both simple and complex claims.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. What a claim is and what you can do now to reduce the impact to your organization
  2. What role does politics play in the consideration of your claims handling
  3. What steps you can take when a claim occurs and after you receive the claim
  4. The proper timing to prepare for litigation and when to settle/pay the demand

It’s Not Just What You Say…It’s How You Say It: The Essential Elements of Effective Communication

Though we begin communicating the moment we’re born, most adults would have to admit that our communication skills could still use some improvement.

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Often, the problems begin with the fact that we never mastered (or we got complacent and abandoned) many of the basic fundamentals of effective communication. These small habits and/or disciplines contribute greatly to other people’s perceptions of you both personally and professionally. This presentation delivers simple but important mechanics and tools to help you to become a better communicator, which will increase your influence with others.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Learn the 3 components of any communication, the pitfalls they can present, and how to defend against breakdowns that often occur even in the most basic communication
  2. Discover ways to ensure peripheral contributors (or distractors) don’t take away from effective communication
  3. See how 5 simple steps you can take will not only help you but also the other person or people with whom you’re communicating

Managing Diversity and Inclusion Risk

Participants will be given a framework to help evaluate risks involving interpersonal relations in the workplace.

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The presenter will also provide the worst and best practices for managing and minimizing these risks. 

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. A framework for understanding diversity and inclusion
  2. A definition of diversity and inclusion
  3. Worst and best practices for managing interpersonal relations in the workplace

Defining the Ten Most Critical Risk Management Issues for Your Entity

A critical examination of industry best practices and an entity’s loss experience provides a fairly clear road-map to addressing the bulk of your risk exposures.

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Using a humorous approach and subtitle of: “The Top Ten Things Your Staff Says & (You Know It’s Gonna Be a Bad Day),” this session provides a short “punch-list” of issues that if addressing adequately, can dramatically improve your property and casualty losses.
Attendee Takeaways:
  1. Encourages the attendee to honestly assess your entity’s exposures 
  2. Provides an objective best practices and data-driven evaluation of a public entity’s risk issues 
  3. Provides a short “punch-list” of solutions to dramatically improve an entity’s loss experience.