Guidance for Developing Your Safety Program

Erica Moncayo
Sr. Risk and Safety Consultant, New Mexico Mutual
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As a company, it's important to understand how to comply with OSHA standards in order to avoid violations.

This podcast details what a safety program looks like, the top ten OSHA violations, who needs a safety program and when training has to be implemented.

The top ten categories containing the most OSHA violations:

1. Fall Protection
2. Hazardous Communication (not having an actually written program or information readily available)
3. Scaffolding
4. Control of Hazardous Energy (the employee is properly trained)
5. Respiratory Protection (OSHA has made some adjustments due to COVID-19)
6. Ladders
7. Powered Industrial Trucks (retraining every three years, and who can train)
8. Training Requirements for Fall Protection
9. Machine Guarding (what do general requirements mean - all items that have a point of operation)
10. Personal Protective Equipment

Not every organization has the same exposure to hazards. At minimum, training is handled at hire or at the onset of a particular task, but each organization must evaluate what safety program and standards apply to their industry.

Erica Moncayo
Sr. Risk and Safety Consultant, New Mexico Mutual

Summary of Qualifications

Erica has over 16 years of education in business administration and safety and health. During the last eight years, she has studied and received several credentials up to her Master Certifications in Risk Management through the University of Texas at Arlington.

Key accomplishments:

  • identifying, assessing, reviewing and monitoring risk management and safety services for policyholders to reduce exposures, improve workplace safety, and reduce the frequency and severity of claims.
  • Conducting risk management & safety assessments required by statutory or regulatory authorities which includes the Workers’ Compensation Administration’s Risk Reduction Program.
  • Develop and deliver risk management and safety training to internal and external stakeholders aligned to policyholder’s requirements and regulations
  • As a recognized safety subject matter expert, serve as a consultant to policyholders and internal New Mexico Mutual employees by providing professional guidance on developing and implementing safety programs intended to minimize or eliminate claims.
  • Draw on personal experience in New Mexico industries to service policyholder accounts with business operations in farm & ranch, construction, and tactical training (Guns).
  • Work with cross-departmental experts at New Mexico Mutual to develop training in all workers’ compensation functions to identify, design and deliver workers’ compensation seminars, workshops and courses.

    Business Experience

    Erica has six years as a risk and safety consultant with New Mexico Mutual (Work Compensation Carrier). Her primary responsibility is public entities.
    As the senior risk and safety consultant, she empowers internal and external stakeholders to identify and mitigate hazards in the workplace resulting in the reduction of losses, and protection of policyholder and organizational assets. This is accomplished by applying strategic risk management and safety principles to assessments and education for prospective and existing policyholders, and by providing specific results for underwriting/New Mexico Mutual to ensure policies are properly rated and serviced. Erica also has eight years as a contractor for the National Shooters Sports Foundation - Conducting OSHA and EPA mock audits.

    Professional Affiliations

    • Member of PRIMA - Public Risk Management Association
    • National Shooters Sports Foundation - Contract Consultant


    • Associates in Business Administration - (AA) Central New Mexico Community College
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management (BA) - Lewis University
    • Masters in Business Administration, concentration in management - Lewis University
    • Specialist in Safety and Health General Industry (GI) and Construction - University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)
    • Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) General Industry (GI) and Construction - UTA
    • Safety Health Environmental Professional (SHEP) - UTA
    • Master Certification Risk Management -UTA
    • Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer GI and Construction
    • Authorized National Safety Council (NSC) Defensive Driving Instructor
    • Authorized National Safety Council (NSC) First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor

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